The Acting Studio

Best Acting Classes Rated Hawaii 

Beginning Level

     gain the fluency, technique and

     confidence of the craft

Intermediate Level 

     transformative scene study


Advance Level (by invitation only)

Online Live Classes with multi-cameras

Call (808) 223 6338 to enroll 



Self-tapes are now required for ALL auditions from Los Angeles, NYC to Honolulu.  Call  1 808 223 6338

and study with The Acting Studio 

to get jobs booked!



"I have grown considerably as an actor due to what I have learned from Consulina.  Her style has given me the confidence and tools to step up my auditions to the next level".

- Steve C.


"My experience with Consulina at the Acting Studio has been inspiring towards my desire in perfecting my art of acting.  Consulina is organized in her presentations when introducing and applying Method Acting in class.  Her professionalism is her preparedness and ability to conduct class with understanding, kindness, compassion and honesty toward the students of all ages.  I highly recommend Consulina Wong to anyone wanting to perfect their art in acting."

- Geri A.

Tuesdays HNL

Thursdays NYC 

All levels welcome

Private coaching available

call to enroll in class (808)223 6338

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